Author: A. Rozelle

A. Rozelle is a freelance writer and author of one short-story collection, two novels and a screenplay. Her work has been featured in The Dallas Morning News, The Dallas Weekly, Rollin' Out Magazine and Eclipse Magazine. She resides in Atlanta, GA, where she is hard at work on her third book, which can only be classified as a supernatural-historical-erotic work of genius...or something like that.

Fellas We Love: LeVar Burton

For this, the inaugural “FBW Fellas We Love” post, I wanted to take over the keyboard myself. This is because anybody who knows me well knows how I feel about LeVar Burton. Yes, I was three when ‘Roots’ (the ground-breaking mini-series based on the novel of the same name by Alex Haley), first aired. Yes, […]

For All My Single Ladies: Don’t Sleep…5 Really Great Guys You May Be Missing Out On

So…full disclosure: I originally wrote this in 2012. At the time, I was 37, single and “dating hell” does not begin to describe my pain. So what I would like to do is re-visit this topic as my now-45-year-old self. Warning: I was wayyyyy off on some of this stuff. But you know—hindsight is 20/20… […]

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