How To Care For Your Natural Gray Hair

Gray hair can make its grand entrance at just about any age,  but for most of us, our hair follicles don’t start to run out of melanin until we enter our 30s and 40s. Suddenly, we find that those pigment cells that were responsible for providing our hair with its vibrant natural color begins to lose the battle. Gray hair may show up as a single strand, catching our attention by accident. Other times, these gray strands arrive in groups, generating patches of gray hair that give testimony to the years that are now behind us and announcing to the world that there may be a bit of wisdom lurking within our souls.

Natural Gray Hair Care

Whoever said gray hair don’t care does not know a thing about natural gray hair. Natural gray hair care is an absolute must if your natural curls, kinks, and coils are going to thrive in this new normal. As our melanin-producing follicles lose their capacity to produce our natural hair color, we also experience a decrease the production of our natural oils or sebum. Once this occurs, the texture of our hair changes, becoming coarse and dry. Ultimately, we have no choice but to adjust our natural hair care regimen to accommodate the transition. With the changes, we have to especially focus on hydration, vibrancy, and texture.

What are the Best Products For Your Natural Grays?

If your hair care regimen is already lacking true commitment from you, now is the time to step up your game and take control of the situation. It is best to do your research to find products that contain the best blend of natural ingredients, and avoid products that will further strip moisture from your fabulous curls and coils.

Choose moisture-rich shampoos, that will infuse hydration into your hair regularly. Practice deep conditioning weekly (or as indicated), and find a good leave-in conditioner that will enable you to seal in moisture.

If you realize your grays are stubbornly clinging to a yellowish tone, occasional use of shampoos that are designed to remove yellow are recommended. Be sure to condition afterward.

Finally, add or boost your use of essential oils. Jamaican black castor oil or castor oil can help condition, hydrate and moisturize, which is vital for hair growth. Argan oil is excellent for repairing damage, restoring shine and softening the hair.

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