Ladies We Love: Tabitha Brown Shares Her Light

Tabitha Brown holds on to dreams.

From a very young age, the 41-year-old wife, mother, actress and fashion designer from Eden, North Carolina longed to be an entertainer. She has shared childhood memories of watching The Cosby Show and wishing she could be Rudy’s friend. While she wanted to pursue an acting career in college, being a student took precedence. Marriage, children, family health issues and life in general delayed her progress for some time. In a recent interview with Huff Post Black Voices, the viral sensation details her struggles with self-image, trying to conform to Hollywood’s narrow beauty standards, and the challenges of overcoming her battle with Chronic Fatigue, headaches, depression and anxiety.

“I really thought I was going to die…” Brown says of her illness. She says that her healing began when she prayed and promised God that if He healed her, she would do whatever she was put on this Earth to do. She realized that she her outward illness was a physical manifestation of her stifling her true, spiritual self.

“I decided, You know what? No more trying to be somebody who was trying to fit in when I was always meant to stand out.”

In 2017, Brown’s daughter, Choyce saw the Netflix documentary, “What the Health” and suggested Brown try veganism. Brown, who once said that she figured a vegan lifestyle was for “hippies or white people”, and she wasn’t either—decided to give it a try, and the decision transformed her life in more ways than one.

After a bit of divine intervention, Brown began posting videos on FaceBook. It was an impromptu review of Whole Foods’ TTLA (tempeh bacon, tomato, lettuce, and avocado) sandwich that rocketed Tabitha to success. In the video, she raved about the sandwich to viewers which, in turn, inspired a viral challenge where others raved about the sandwich too. Whole Foods reached out to Tabitha, and she became a brand ambassador for the company. She toured the country and promoted the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

The divine intervened in Brown’s life once again in March of this year, when Brown made a (now viral) video of her (very frustrated) daughter, Choyce patiently attempting to teach her parents how to use the popular TikTok platform. After some convincing by Choyce and Tabitha’s friends at Whole Foods the reluctant mom, (who only wanted to learn to use TikTok so that she could learn the “Renegade” dance), realized that the app could be used to further spread her inspirational messages of hope and love, share her favorite vegan recipes and show fun family moments, all in her own soul-soothing, Southern drawl. She decided to give it a try, and a new viral internet sensation was born.

2.5 million followers later, Brown has signed with Los Angeles’ famed Creative Arts Agency, a dream that she had held onto for more than a decade. Tabitha credits her faith as a driving force. She believes that her faith placed her on her very own, non-traditional path to success. Her faith also instilled in her wisdom to overcome her challenges. Her inspirational content uplifts and encourages people from all over the world. Her message is one of self-love and knowing one’s worth.

“We have to treat ourselves like we are priceless. Honey we can not be replaced.”

Now that she’s conquered TikTok, Brown is overwhelmed by the responses she’s received and all the love her fans have shown her. 

“I was literally shocked at all the response that I got, and the outpour from the younger generation of kids and teenagers blew my mind that they felt love for me,” she said. “…it became something more of a responsibility to me to them, because I read comments and I look at the responses, and I’m blown away at how many people need love.”

The future is bright for Tabitha Brown, and, as her fans like to quote: “That’s her bizness…”

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