Love Notes Fragrances: Inspired By Love

What do you do when your 9-to-5 is grinding you into dust, you have a million things to do in your everyday life, and we’re in the middle of a pandemic where travel is complicated and taxing—but you absolutely have to get away from it all? If you’re Nya Kam, creator and owner of Love Notes Fragrances, you find a way to turn your home into your very own day spa.

Kam, who worked as an account executive in the high-stress, competitive world of fashion in New York’s Garden District before pursuing entrepreneurship (first in her spare time, and now full time), knows some things about demanding day jobs. When she realized that she had created a nightly routine to help her relax and shed the workday, Love Notes was born.

Kam’s wind-down routine included: vibing to her favorite R&B music (she grew up in a household that grooved to the sounds of Motown-era soul), lighting a candle, and basking in the glow of love. She realized that these components were a gift she could share with the world. It is her belief that a home should be filled with fragrances that exude calm, happiness and love.

I was really intentional about creating fragrances that make you feel good and have some sort of sentiment.

Love Notes is a line of hand-poured, soy wax candles that deliver soothing, aromatic, custom-blended scents in absolutely gorgeous packaging (a testament to Kam’s time in the fashion industry), that feature cotton, lead-free wicks. She also produces a line of body teas called “Self-Ish” that are designed to be used in bathing and soaking, completing that “spa experience”.

This Holiday season, Love Notes Fragrances is offering a special holiday candle: “Grace”, along with a four-candle Love Notes Mini Candle Collection.

Kam hand-pours each of her candles in her Brooklyn home, and although her goal is to have Love Notes Fragrances become a globally recognized brand, the fact that she pours each candle herself gives her products a boutique feel that instantly transports her customers to a place of relaxation and serenity. Even a visit to the Love Notes website is an exercise in tranquility.

While growing a business hasn’t been easy, especially in a year as trying as this one has been, Kam has found that as more people have started working from home, there is an increased need to create a sense of calm and serenity in home office spaces as well. And although there have been many dark moments this year in terms of police brutality, racist politics, and social upheaval, the drive to promote Black businesses has created space for Love Notes Fragrances to thrive. 

With the year coming to a close, we have all recognized that self-care is not just necessary, it’s mandatory. It is Kam’s goal to provide her customers with the tools they need to create a home environment that promotes this idea and also creates inspiration in the form of a successful, Black-Woman owned business. In encouraging other Fearless Black Women who would like to try entrepreneurship, she says that they shouldn’t be so focused on the creative aspect of building a business, as creativity will find a way to flourish in whatever area you choose to pursue. She suggests, instead that you focus on the path that completes you. 

“I’m still learning. Love Notes started as a vision, but it created a sense of purpose. It’s important to home in on really knowing what gives you that sense of purpose and fulfillment, and you hold on to that.”

You can find Love Notes Fragrances at:
IG: @lovenotesfragrances
Facebook: @lovenotesllc


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