Fearless Black Woman's Origin Story

A couple of years ago, I was reflecting on the wacky adventures, ill-advised hijinks, general shenanigans and over-all tomfoolery of my 20’s and 30’s and I realized this: either I was braver than most, dumb as a rock, or just plain fearless. I’d like to think it was the latter, although in reality, it was probably a combination of all three on any given day. And that’s when I asked myself: how amazing would it be if I could combine the fearlessness of those years with the experience, wisdom and common sense I have (mostly) acquired since then? Totally amazing…is the answer to that question. 

Center: Adorbs me and my brother Top L: New mom 17-y.o. me (it’s a wonder she’s still alive) Top R: 20-something me Bottom L: 30-something me Bottom R: 40-something me trying to put this pic collage together…

What I wish someone had told me in those days, is that things get better. After many, many hard-learned lessons, it gets better. You spend your 20’s doing the dumbest things imaginable. Don’t get me wrong—you look good and you have fun doing them, but…You pay dearly for those mistakes in your 30’s. And then, the clouds part, the fog clears…and you turn 40. And let me tell you—that day is the day your life really begins.

When I turned 40, my whole life and everything about it changed. Things I thought were life or death before meant pretty much nothing to me. People I thought I could never live without faded into the background. My hair changed. My body decided it was gonna do whatever the hell it wanted (we’re still trying to come to some type of understanding), and I didn’t even recognize the person I was before. I was  grown, grown. I just wish I’d known all of that was gonna happen.

There are 5 generations represented here. The goal is to teach the game to the youngsters so they’re prepared for the future…

What also happened when I turned 40, was that I realized I couldn’t find anything online that was specifically created for me and all the other fly divas in my age range. No fashion tips, no make-up tricks, no “how to enjoy your 40’s” type articles or blog posts. And so, the idea for Fearless Black Woman was born. Our target audience is African American women, ages 40 – 60. If you want it, we will do our best to bring it to you. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find answers to your questions, get inspiration from other ladies like yourself, form a community, learn a thing or two about what will undoubtedly be your best years yet, and get your ENTIRE life on this site.

My 40’s have been the absolute best time of my life (so far), and having made it halfway through them, I am totally looking forward to what comes next. Fearless Black Woman is one part journal, one part magazine and one part group therapy. Glad you stopped by, and I hope you’ll make this one of your favorite places to hang out on the interwebs…

Peace & Love!!!

A. Rozelle




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