Surviving and Recovering From Election Season

If you are anything like us here at Fearless Black Woman, you have had more than enough politics to last the rest of your life. This election season has been particularly fraught with hysteria, polarizing propaganda (from both sides), fear-mongering and worry for the future. While we feel the pressure every four years, this election is one in which the stakes are unimaginably high. And the stress…whew Chile…We feel you…

To that end, with the election right around the corner (November 3), we have provided you with a few ideas about how to disconnect from the madness and re-connect with you.

Avoid Constantly Consuming News and Social Media For the Next Few Days

Even a brief break from constantly bathing in the negativity that is modern politics can yield massive benefits. Turn off social media and news notifications. Recuse yourself from any political conversations/debates/arguments. Trust us, there will be plenty of that in the days, weeks and months to come. Watch a movie. Take a walk. Spend some time helping friends with their creative projects or start one of your own. The world won’t stop spinning if you jump off for a while. We promise…

Make Your Physical Health a Priority

Even with all of the Coronavirus precautions, many of us are feeling generally run-down and tired these days. Make sure you’re maintaining your work-out routine, taking whatever vitamins/supplements you usually take and make sure to stick (as close) to your diet as you can. Some days it can feel like “What’s the point?”, but you need to remember that all of this is temporary, and whatever the outcome, you’ll need your strength.

Make Your Mental Health a Priority

Just because chaos and upheaval seem to be everywhere right now, you don’t have to let it get into your spirit. You really can find peace in the midst of this political storm. Acknowledge what’s true for you, what you stand for, and remain true to those ideals. We have personally learned that prioritizing relationships above the need to be right or to convince people to see things your way is extremely helpful. Communicating with people of opposing views with patience, mercy and kindness allows you to stay grounded when dealing with friends and family members. It sounds corny (we know), but remembering that you will still love these folks on November 4th will help you keep things in perspective.

Focus on what’s good in the world and in your environment. You’ll find there is a lot to be grateful for—even in times like these. Keep up your spiritual practices: meditation, chanting, sitting in silence—whatever you do to bring yourself to a place of peace and restfulness.

Remember That “This too, shall pass.”

Regardless of the outcome of this election season, everything in life is temporary. Change is inevitable, whether we like it or not. We, as a species, as a race, and most certainly as Black Women, are resilient, powerful and resourceful. We’re going to make it. We always find a way. That’s just who we are.

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