Wendy Ida: “It’s Never Too Late to Take Back Your Life!”

One would think that the woman who is known as “America’s number one expert on ‘living fit and fabulous after 40’” would have lived an entire life devoted to health, fitness and well…fabulosity. But the path to the present for this fitness expert, best-selling author, speaker, Guinness World Record holder (Oldest Active Instructor in multiple disciplines and The Most Burpees (37) in one minute) and motivation to women everywhere has been anything but a straight one. 

After leaving an abusive marriage, the mother of two decided to take back her life and take charge of her health. Starting her exercise journey at the age of 43, Ida lost 80 pounds and resolved to help others reach their fitness goals and take back their lives as well. After a 20-year career in corporate accounting, Ida turned her love of helping others live their best life into her full-time mission.

Her best-selling book: “Take Back Your Life! My No-Nonsense Approach to Health Fitness and Looking Good Naked”, not only won the Indie literary book award, but was written specifically with women over the age of 40 in mind. With practical steps, do-able suggestions and the motivational push we often need to get moving, Ida provides the blueprint for achieving the life and body you’ve always wanted, but thought you could never have.

The 68-years-young grandmother says that people “often ask for my driver’s license” when she tells them her age. She sates that at one time in her life, she thought that “after 40…it was kind of over…you accept what’s coming to you and after that age you can’t really change.” The fitness guru realized, once she shifted gears and made up her mind to change her life: “Boy, was I wrong!”

She says, of her programs, “It’s psychologically enriching. It’s not just physical. It’s about healing your soul. It’s about taking your life back.” Ida says that at one time in her life, she really didn’t know her worth, and as a result, spent 12 years in misery. She says that her power was taken from her, but that what happened to her in the past was the “build-up” to the life she lives today. And that it allows her to testify to the women she works with.

They can do it. I know that, because I’ve experienced that. You have to get the mind right. That’s what I’ve learned. That’s what part of my transformation was.

Part trainer, part psychologist and part spiritual guide, Wendy Ida has combined the elements necessary for complete life transformation. She says, of aging and reaching not only fitness, but all your life goals: “Age is not a factor. Don’t let it hold you down, because you can be better than that. I know that. I’ve experienced that, and I know, it can be repeated by other women. It’s not too late.”

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