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We would love to have you share your life-lessons, how-to’s, tips, insights, experiences and expertise with our tribe! Here is the place where you can have your stories read, recognized and appreciated while you grow your readership. There are some guidelines though…

Your submission to Fearless Black Woman indicates you have read, and agree to the following conditions:

Let’s get this out of the way up front: we generally pay .04 per word, although featured stories and longer interviews pay more. Of course, as we grow, so will our payouts.

Most of our posts will be between 400 and 600 words. Longer works in the form of interviews, how-to’s, and bullet-listed posts will also be considered. We do not (at this time) accept fiction, poetry or gossip items. (Celebrity news is fine as long as it is verifiable and positive). Personal anecdotes and experiences are welcomed, but they must have a positive outcome or “lesson learned”.

If you submit a post as an expert, you must have verifiable credentials. If you are citing the work of an expert, the individual must be a verified expert in their respective field. Proper citation and credit must be submitted along with your post.

Please, feel free to submit your makeup/fashion, dating, health/fitness, hair, skin care, travel, retirement, family (children, grandchildren, spouse), dating and relationship stories. We are especially interested in stories about new empty-nesters, dating over 40, changes in health/fitness routines and new career paths/second career acts.

Articles/posts must be your own, original work. We do not re-print articles.

FBW reserves the right to edit/revise your work for grammar, spelling and usage.

Your submission of a pitch, article or post does not guarantee it will be published at fearlessblackwoman.com. We reserve the right to refuse submissions.

You may submit pitches, snippets of completed posts, writing samples or completed works for review. Click here to submit.




Just Want To Get Your Story Out There?

Did you start (or return to) college? Buy a house? Write a book? Did you finally learn a life lesson the Universe has been trying to teach you for years?

Please consider submitting your story for inclusion in our “Watch Me Work” section. While these submissions are not paid, this is a great way to get your story in front of our readers and maybe inspire someone to strive for the level of fly you’ve unlocked!

Submissions should be between 500-800 words, and must have a positive spin. 

As always, FBW reserves the right to edit for clarity, spelling, etc. 

*Submission does not guarantee your story will be included.*

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